PERCEUS is open source software, licensed under the GPL. It is developed by individual volunteer efforts for the benefit of scientific research and open computing infrastructure. PERCEUS maintains no warranty, expressed or implied. PERCEUS is free software, with free meaning both as in "free beer" and like a bald eagle flies. You don't have to pay for it and it can't be restricted, but there are companies out there that will sell PERCEUS as a commercial cluster, cloud, or “node” solution, concealing the open origins or falsely claiming to have founded the project. Do not be duped! Insist on genuine commercial PERCEUS support for your enterprise infrastructure, or use our free resources to train up, become an expert, and help contribute back to the project itself.

Free PERCEUS support for our users is available on the mailing list, wiki, or IRC channel. The full user guide, FAQ list, and installation quickstart guides for RHEL and Debian style Linux distributions are also available. Community training sessions and PERCEUS clustering workshops can be arranged, contact the project for details.

Commercial PERCEUS support is available from Infiscale by contract. Pre-paid support blocks and light to full symbiotic support coverage is available. Commercial support directly benefits the development and maintenance of the PERCEUS project. Contact Infiscale for more information.

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