Perceus source files can be downloaded from the mirror:
The latest production source is located here. Please feel free to try whatever you find in the testing directory as well.

Source packages are available on the mirror at
To build from source linux:
You can either download a single script that does it all for Debian -

Or very easily with the following commands:
tar xfv perceus-
cd perceus-   <-- Only run if using a Debian based OS. Send us a list of  your distro’s dependencies and we will add a script for it as well.
make install

That’s it. if something went wrong, please contact us for free installation assistance.

UPDATE: We are not using GitHub anymore for the latest releases. Old code versions have been left for reference.

Want source repo access? Please contact us and we will set up an account and provide access to those wanting to assist. Perl and Python PERCEUS versions are available, as well as C, shell scripting, and web components under development. We’re looking for volunteers to help with a range of programming languages, so whatever language(s) you program or your experience level there is an opportunity to help the project!

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