We share Perceus freely for the betterment of scientific research and scalable computing infrastructure. It is a sustained effort, and there is room to help share this project with the world. Whether you can contribute knowledge or time to the project, or are able to donate resources or mirror hosting, your sharing helps us share a better solution for everyone.

PERCEUS is used to provision scalable infrastructure around the world, at every possible size of deployment, and for all sorts of research and projects. There’s a good chance a product or service you used today relies on PERCEUS at some level. Sharing time, knowledge, and resources with the PERCEUS project has a positive influence on much more than the just the open source software PERCEUS is made of.

What you are already doing by using PERCEUS could be a big help to the project. Taking down and sharing notes when testing new release versions is good Q/A for the developers. If you find a bug or run into an issue when installing, configuring, or provisioning please share what you learned. If you fixed a configuration file or wrote a patch, share those with us so we can include them in the next release. If you use PERCEUS in a unique deployment, sharing some information about it helps the developers work on new features to enable PERCEUS to do more, and recipe notes help other users adapt their deployments creatively. Little shared pieces quickly add up to help the project move forward and let PERCEUS users do more.

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