March 25th, 2014
The PERCEUS development team has released the latest stable sources and binaries for version 1.9. These are available now at the PERCEUS mirror with new VNFS capsules and VNFS build scripts. We give a big thanks to all the users who have been helping the project by performing release testing, giving us Q/A feedback, submitting patches, and sending us deployment notes and documentation. It has helped a lot!

January 5th, 2014
PERCEUS Development in full force again. Thanks to OPRG,org, and thanks to our users. Please send in your feature request or patches. Thanks to several members and users for really stepping up lately and helping with not just this open source project, but to all of them, and especially the new HPC teams that we are very excited to see using PERCEUS as the provisioning agent, and to all of our commercial partners who have been busy including  rebranded versions of PERCEUS (even those with private forks, itís still awesome to see so much integration and all feedback is appreciated). This really shows that GPL software can be and already has been used in commercial products successfully.

July 4th, 2013
The Perceus project now has OPRG.US sponsorship!
In order to better protect our open source software and users from corporate exploitation the Perceus project has accepted sponsorship from the Open Protection Resource Group. OPRG.US is a non-profit organization dedicated to the legal defense of open source projects and their intellectual property from patent trolling and corporate theft, as well as support for development. Please visit the OPRG.US website for more information about the Open Protection Resource Group and their mission to the open source software community.

May 28th, 2013
Perceus 1.9.3 source released for public testing!

Perceus version 1.9.3 sources have been released on the main mirror and the GitHub page. For production clusters we recommend downloading from the mirror. The GitHub repository is intended for forking the code and experimental builds.

The 1.9 branch includes many new hardware drivers and some Perceus code cleanup. If you do not need the 3.0 kernel to provision your nodes, the 1.6 branch will continue to work fine. It is possible to test the TFTP images switched among 1.6 and 1.9 deployments.

August 23rd, 2012
Perceus now has a GitHub page!

The Perceus project is now hosting a source repository at GitHub so feel free to browse the code and fork a copy. It has the latest Perceus 1.6.2 version right from the developers.

The new Perceus GitHub URL:

October 18th 2012
"The magical pixie-booted data center", Ars Technica article about CloudFlare mentions Perceus provisioning

Take a behind the scenes look at CloudFlare and how they use Perceus in the provisioning of their data center infrastructure. It is a well written article about an interesting deployment.

November 15th, 2010
Perceus cloud provisioning at the Intel booth for SC 2010 New Orleans!

Intel is demonstrating the Intel Flexible Data Center with Infiscale software Perceus, GravityOS, Abstractual, and GravityFS at the SC 2010 conference. The flexibility of Perceus provisioning and Infiscale's HPC, cloud, and file system solutions will showcase the advantages of Intel's latest processors and low-latency interconnects for use in a data center environment. See a virtual data center, HPC in the cloud, big data processing and a render farm, all Perceus powered!

September 13th, 2010
Intel Flexible Data Center demo at IDF 2010 San Francisco, featuring Perceus provisioning!

Infiscale and Intel are putting on a demonstration at the Intel High Performance Computing booth of the latest Infiscale scalable infrastructure software with Intel server and data center products. We are featuring the Intel Flexible Data Center, which is powered by Perceus provisioning of both bare-metal and virtual machine nodes, using GravityOS, Abstractual, and GravityFS.

If you couldn't make the show and see the live demo, you can still check it out on YouTube.

April 20th, 2010
Release: Perceus 1.6 on Debian/Ubuntu with GravityOS Kernel and lib hardening!
Thanks to all that have assisted. Below are links to the alphas of Perceus 1.6 on Debian (Ubuntu compatible as well).

We have also rolled an ISO that includes the Debian 6 base with Perceus and depís added for ease of install. This is an alpha based off Debian Squeeze. We have left off the GravityOS hardened kernel as it appears to be killing Java and a few other apps due to GRSEC but will be including it in the next release as well as a tool for enabling applications to play nice (tools for PaX). Below will include links to download .debs of the hardened kernel if you are not worried about Java and need the extra hardening (recommended for http, dns, email, and other Internet facing servers). This ISO and Perceus packages have been tested on a couple of large clouds and a giant size portal for a few weeks now with performance and stability showing to be very high. We hope you enjoy the new flavor as it has been a great pleasure working with all of our new Debian and Ubuntu friends.

Thanks to all of our partners, supporters, and userbase, and for all the kind mails and thanks in the registrations, we really read them all :)

Visit our Debian Quickstart for more assistance, and see the mirror for downloads.

November 14th, 2009
Supercomputing 2009: Perceus will be there!
If you are attending the SC09 conference in Portland, OR be sure to check out the Perceus demos running at the exhibit booths of some of our partners. At the Intel booth you can see a cluster demo of Perceus deployment of Infiscale's Intel Cluster Ready (ICR) version of Caos NSA Linux, the only fully free and open source ICR solution for HPC or cloud! We will have team members attending and a Perceus community meet-up at the conference, so we hope to see you there!

February 5th, 2009
Linux Magazine: Caos NSA and Perceus: All-in-one Cluster Software Stack.
One of our mailing list members and long-time colleague, Jeffrey B. Layton, has written an excellent article for Linux Magazine entitled Caos NSA and Perceus: All-in-one Cluster Software Stack. It describes how easy it is do install, configure, and provision your own cluster using Perceus and Caos NSA. If you would like to know how many minutes it takes to go from bare metal to a completely configured cluster, read the article!

April 2nd, 2008
Intel Developer Forum Keynote: Inventing New Reality
Watch this YouTube video of highlights of the IDF08 Keynote on April 2 in Shanghai, China, and see an absolutely live demonstration of the scalability and density of Nehalem when powered by Infiscale's software cluster stack including Perceus. Our scalable software defined infrastructure is featured showing the true scalability of our software on the new Nehalem architecture.

November 8th, 2007
"Intel, Dell, and servers that change with the phases of the moon", Ars Technica Article on the demo we featured at Intel showing our fully embedded Perceus solution provisioning Linux and Windows.

If you are attending the ISC '07 conference check out this Intel Rapid Boot and 1-wire InfiniBand provisioning Perceus demonstration in person!

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