What is PERCEUS, and what does the acronym stand for? PERCEUS stands for Provision Enterprise Resources and Clusters Enabling Uniform Systems, and it minimally says what the program does.

PERCEUS has been described before as a two stage rocket, a Swiss army knife, and even a super hero cape. These descriptions acknowledge PERCEUS' provisioning mechanism, modular versatility, and an ability to deliver a powerful administrative solution to clustered environments. Without using metaphor, PERCEUS can be described as a program that deploys consistent operating system and application software images to computing infrastructure over the network. It simplifies the management of scalable systems built with commodity or customized server hardware by providing a new way to boot the entire deployment, no matter the scale or growth requirements. Flexible configuration and module options give PERCEUS the means to enable a range of workload solutions, from classic high performance and high throughput computing clusters to content delivery networks, render farms, or shared hosting systems such as private clouds or enterprise compute grids.

PERCEUS is the original 100% GPL, open source, free, infrastructure provisioning solution proven at petascale (deployments at this scale require multiple masters with proper fabric and filesystems - let us know if you need help). PERCEUS has many firsts:
It was the first automated and heterogeneous stateless provisioning solution (not just PXE booting an ISO image or for a single flavor of Linux),
the first to offer advanced IPMI integration,
the first to control C and P states of iCore7 CPUs (even before market release),
the first 1 wire InfiniBand only provisioning system,
the first to release integrated cloud installations (Caos-NSA and GravityOS had this years before others who call themselves the first did),
the first to integrate XFS, ZFS and GravityFS,
the first provisioned HPC “Burst Buffers” (GravityFS Cache with Intel SSD’s even before SSD’s were on the market).

PERCEUS doesn't just enable full-throttle High Performance Computing. Green scalable infrastructure deployments can take advantage of stateless and hybrid provisioning, deep CPU control (such as C and P state control of Intel processors), Greening technology for memory, APU, and GPU, efficiency and performance tuned kernels, advanced node data center distribution in response to power consumption levels and energy rates, bare metal or virtual machine provisioning, and support for low power ARM/Atom/MIPS/Cell and embedded processors.

Thanks to our contributors and users for helping evolve and improve PERCEUS. We really appreciate the loyalty and greatly enjoy the innovation.

 GravityPark | Infiscale   - Help with development and product design.

Intel - For providing hardware access and demonstrations, helping us guarantee our users are supported, and early opportunities to enable new advanced features.

Numerous companies, .gov agencies, organizations, user groups, and amazing individuals - For greatly appreciated feedback on massive HPC deployments, specialty devices, and uses of PERCEUS.

DVLABS - Gracious hosting on their media delivery network.

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